by Merit

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released August 26, 2016

Guitars recorded by Nate Parker
Bass & vocals recorded by Matt Abel
Drums recorded by Matt Buckley at Bowlingotter Sound
Mixed by Matt Abel
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering
Artwork/layout by Jordan Stiff



all rights reserved


Merit Lansdale, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Ecto-Coolin'
remember when your integrity
meant something, it meant everything
to anyone with some respect for their well being
all we do is look for exits onto on coming traffic

i’ll level with your irrelevance
cause i know that’s why you can’t sleep at night

I think it’s safe to stay away from everything you push on me
I think it’s safe to say you’re everything i never want to be
I know you lost your way for a moment i even lost myself

so go ahead and preach priorities,
i’ll ask, is everything you think you wanted
worth all the things you need?
Track Name: Swingline
kiss me goodbye cause there’s no use in trying
my heart’s asphyxiating, i’m done sitting waiting to
laugh it off, maybe just find the calm
no it’s not the way it seems
no it’s never the way it seems to be

oh shit I'm 23
still broke and belated to everything
but everything means nothing to me

can i just take another day for granted?
she said when realized just what she had
did you even know you were the worst to go?
did you even care? did you even know?
Track Name: Trashed
So this is how it is? acting on the fact that I am passive
you’re lower than dirt a skunked 40oz of self-worth
So save your breath i’ll say, you can keep your goddamn apology 
all that’s left is a charred up bridge with your initials on it 

i unintentionally let my enemy get far too close to me

can’t think of you any less
i’m content knowing your life’s a mess
i hope you choke on the words and bonds you broke

you’re the furthest thing away from the way you used to be
disloyal, unreliable
you wanna give me one more reason not to fall asleep
I’m still standing, fuck you and your friends

this is the distance that we build for ourselves
Track Name: On A Wire
I had a dream that back on mill street
We were saving our scratch offs trying to go to new jersey  
Where did you go? You should know that
Our names are still up on that bathroom wall in philly

I’m “a few years overdue”
I spent them running away from you

So keep dreaming on. Keep shining on.
the stars are your smile, paint your canvas for rest of the world
So keep moving on. We’ll keep living on.
It kills me not to call your phone but somedays i do when i feel all alone
I’m feeling all alone.

and it’s been four years since you left this place behind
i miss you but i feel that you’ve never left my side
Track Name: Deadlights
If these words had a way to work themselves onto page
I’d only hope they'd explain how far gone i feel these days
I’m dying, i feel so numb to the world
Desensitized to bullshit, i hope it fucking burns

in my head the best is behind me 
in my heart this ship is sinking

get out from the dead end
breath out and think aloud that how this isn’t how we planned it out
two lights till i forget today wasn't the best
except all good things have an end and become just like the rest

all’s lost. there’s nothing good about me.